"We grow the NZ economy though our national network. They engage communities from the ground up to deliver tailored economic development solutions."

The collective knowledge and experience gained at the active face of the economy, ensures that EDANZ plays a valued role, collaborating in the creation and delivery of national economic development initiatives.

Economic Development Agencies in New Zealand

Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) are impartial local and regional bodies which each year spend over $70 million on the productive development of New Zealand’s economy.


Publications are produced as part of our commitment to communicating with our members and key stakeholders.

These publications focus on bringing some of the great case studies from around the Country to the attention of everybody on our mailing list, as well as available here on our website.

We also periodically produce briefings and other publications for stakeholders.


The EDANZ resource base contains valuable tools and indicators, sourced from reputable organisations internationally and are offered for your use and feedback.